As of today, the people behind 5G-LENA are Biljana Bojovic, Sandra Lagen, Zoraze Ali, and Katerina Koutlia, with former members like Lorenza Giupponi and Natale Patriciello, but we hope to grow in number. We are part of a bigger group, the Mobile Networks group in CTTC, a research institute in Spain.

The Mobile Networks group has a strong committment with ns-3 community with 4 maintainers of LTE and TCP modules (Zoraze Ali, Marco Miozzo, Manuel Requena, Biljana Bojovic), developers and members of the design team in the area of LTE and NR (Zoraze Ali, Biljana Bojovic, Katerina Koutlia, Sandra Lagen, Josep Mangues, Jordi Baranda), 1 member of the executive board (Sandra Lagen).

Come to CTTC!

If you are in the Barcelona area, or you are near us for a conference or a meeting, reach us: we can arrange a meeting at our facility, located in Castelldefels.