Getting the software

Please write an email to If possible, please answer to the following questions (your email will be processed by an human being):

SUBJECT: Access to 5G-LENA code release

  - Who are you? ( The name is enough to have a more friendly relation )
  - Why do you need the software? ( Do you plan to evaluate some functionality in particular? Or do you need to have a general understanding of it? )
  - Are you from academia (in that case, the name of the institution is appreciated) or from industry? In case you are part of an industry, and your job is related to the use you will do of the simulator, we would like to have more information about your company.
  - Your Gitlab name (the part after the @. To obtain one, please register in

Please note that we will grant to your Gitlab account read-only permission to the Gitlab mirror of our project, from which you can download the 5G-LENA module source code. Then, you will be able to use it under the terms of the GPLv2 license.

NR-U models

The NR-U models are openly available here. Please note that, to use them, you need the access to the NR module, obtained as explained before.

We welcome contributors!

As you may know, to fund, design, develop and then maintain an open source software for a novel communication technology is a challenging and time expensive task. For this, we would like to foster collaboration with you:

  • If you identify a bug, please let us know through the Gitlab issue page;
  • If you have a development plan that you can share, please get in touch with us. We may be able to provide useful suggestion with your design and then maybe your contribution can be more integrated more efficiently and be useful to let the project grow;
  • If you plan to share your code, as the GPLv2 permits, please help us to integrate it so that the work you have done does not become outdated and then impossible to merge;
  • The more we are, the better we can do!