NR-U release v0.1

NR-U initial release

It is with great pleasure that we release for public access the NR-U Channel Access Manager for our 5G-LENA product. The classes are modelling different ways to access the shared channel in unlicensed bands. We have a duty-cycle class (, and different Listen-Before-Access classes ( The implementations follow an existing interface in the NR module, so no updates are necessary on the NR module itself (in other words: if you have already requested the access to the NR module, you are ready to go). In case you need the NR module, please follow the instructions here:

The public git repository for nr-u is here:

Please, follow the instruction on the to download and configure the code. Unfortunately, due to restrictions on the WiGig code we used in our paper, there are currently NO WORKING EXAMPLES (even if some source code is under the examples/ directory, it will not be compiled). We will be happy to see any integration with the current WiFi or WiGig releases!

The reference paper is the following: NR-U and IEEE 802.11 Technologies Coexistence in Unlicensed mmWave Spectrum: Models and Evaluation Please, feel free to cite it if it is relevant for your research. And stay tuned, because we have exciting news for our NR module for the future!

PS: If you are considering developing a proposal or a project based on our software, please consider requesting a partnership with us: we can provide early access to releases, providing a competitive advantage to your proposal.

Thank you,

The 5G-LENA team