5G-LENA v1.2 is available

New release available from today, 7th June 2021

5G-LENA v1.2

We are pleased to announce that today, 7 June 2021, we are releasing to the public the release 1.2 of 5G-LENA NR module.

This release contains FTP traffic model and important fixes. The list of new features, functionalities and hot fixes is reported in the release notes here (we documented each change in detail in the file CHANGES.md), and includes: FTP traffic model (model 1) and helpers, new APIs to compute SRS SNR and enable real beamforming based on SRS SNR measurements, a fix in the error modeling for HARQ-IR, a fix in SRS offsets generation, an important fix in the schedulers to count accurately the number of allocated symbols in a slot that solves issues reported for situations of many UEs per cell where a scheduler was unable create a DCI for a UE if the resources allocated to that UE resulted a TB size of less than 7 bytes, and finally, a correction in realistic beamforming algorithm with delay update. Updating the software is easy as doing a git pull command, for both ns-3-dev and nr module. For ns-3-dev, make sure you go to the master branch, and for nr on 5g-lena-v1.2.y branch. If you still do not have access to the software, please follow the instructions.

For any problem related to the installation, please open an issue ticket on the NR gitlab repository. For any comment, doubt, and discussion, remember that we have a google group for the 5G-LENA users: https://groups.google.com/g/5g-lena-users.

Without any doubt, we would be excited to hear from you for a possible collaboration to improve 5G-LENA!

The 5G-LENA team