5G-LENA v2.3 is available

New release available from November 2022 (v2.3)

5G-LENA v2.3 (compatible with ns-3.37)

We are pleased to announce that 5G-LENA v2.3 is now available for download. This release is compatible with the latest ns-3-37.

Some of the most important features of the 5G-LENA v2.3  include the update of the module to the clang format (including clang-tidy), a new example scenario used for the calibration of the 5G-LENA under 3GPP reference scenarios, new traces, RSRP measurements, and some bug fixes. All the included features can be found in release notes and CHANGES.md.

The information about the recommended ns-3 releases and how to install nr can be found in the README.md file or https://cttc-lena.gitlab.io/nr/html/index.html#getting-started, while all the available features are listed in CHANGES.md and RELEASE_NOTES.md.

Updating the software is as easy as doing a git pull command, for both ns-3-dev and nr module. For ns-3-dev, make sure you go to the ns-3.37 branch, and for nr on 5g-lena-v2.3.y branch. For any problem related to the installation, please open an issue ticket on the NR gitlab repository. For any comment, doubt, and discussion, remember that we have a google group for the 5G-LENA users: https://groups.google.com/g/5g-lena-users.

We plan soon to release more new features! We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback, possible code contributions, or an idea for possible collaboration to improve 5G-LENA!

Thank you for your support!

The 5G-LENA team