NR V2X release v0.3

NR V2X code release available from February 2024 (V0.3)

NR V2X release

We are pleased to announce that a new release of the NR V2X extension of 5G-LENA simulator is available to download (v0.3). The main upgrade is the alignment of the module with ns-3.40 and nr-v2.6. Also, it includes some fixes (e.g., it fixes a sensing bug in NrUeMac), a validity check for nr parameters (T1, T2, numerology, and reservation period), SfnSf expansion to prevent rollover, among others.

To download and configure the code, please follow the instructions in the (here). In case you need the NR module, please follow the instructions here:

We would like to sincerely thank Tom Henderson for this release, continue with the NR V2X developments, and his big efforts in evolving open source code developments.

The 5G-LENA team