An E2E simulator for 5G NR networks

Main journal paper accepted for Elsevier SIMPAT

The 5G-LENA main journal paper has been accepted

Hello everyone, we are pleased to inform you that our initial submission for 5G-LENA has been accepted for publication by the prestigious journal Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, published by Elsevier. You can access the paper from this link. Please remember to cite it in your publications, if your work is based on ours:

title = {{A}n {E2E} simulator for {5G} {NR} networks},
journal = "Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory",
volume = "96",
pages = "101933",
year = "2019",
issn = "1569-190X",
doi = "",
url = "",
author = "Natale Patriciello and Sandra Lagen and Biljana Bojovic and Lorenza Giupponi",
keywords = "ns-3, NR, Network simulator, E2E Evaluation, Calibration",
abstract = "As the specification of the new 5G NR standard proceeds inside 3GPP, the availability of a versatile, full-stack, End-To-End (E2E), and open source simulator becomes a necessity to extract insights from the recently approved 3GPP specifications. This paper presents an extension to ns-3, a well-known discrete-event network simulator, to support the NR Radio Access Network. The present work describes the design and implementation choices at the MAC and PHY layers, and it discusses a technical solution for managing different bandwidth parts. Finally, we present calibration results, according to 3GPP procedures, and we show how to get E2E performance indicators in a realistic deployment scenario, with special emphasis on the E2E latency."

We would like to use this occasion to thank the many of you which have requested the access to the software, and are daily working to improve it.

The 5G-LENA Team